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Default Recruiting Rules


- This forum is NOT a place for group discussions. That's what your social group is for!

- One recruitment thread per group.

- The intention of this section is to provide a place for you to create recruiting threads for your group or clan so other members of L-Factor can be aware of them. If your group is invite only, other members can post in here requesting access. The requirements you have for your groups are up to you but please try to be fair in your recruitment. The less drama the better.

- There are many different types of groups you can make – If you can fit them into a specific category then that would be brilliant, otherwise simply place it into the miscellaneous section. If you feel that another social group category needs to be added please notify a member of staff and we'll see if we can fit it into our busy schedules of playing volleyball and lounging around watching daytime TV.

- Social Groups may only have one recruitment thread each.

- Bumping threads is henceforth disallowed. There's simply not that many groups at the moment so the exercise is a moot point. Maybe later, if a large amount of groups exists, we will allow such a thing.

- Here's an example for what you could put in your recruitment thread. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, nor does it have to be incredibly wordy; just explain what the group is to the best of your ability.

Originally Posted by ”Example Group Owner”
=== Arcade Clan: Crowd Control ===

Currently Recruiting:
2 - Asteroids players
3 – Copter Players

Must have played at least 5 hours in the Arcade and have at least one score on the top 10 leaderboard.

Aiming for Crux’s Astercop tournament win.

PM Jeevescake for more information
- When you create a group, remember that the group is yours. In your social group, rules will be as relaxed as you wish. Feel free to ignore spam rules and various others. As it's your group you are at liberty to invite who you want. You can manage your own group (within reason) and have your own rules.

- We as staff will not interfere with the running of your group. If you're running it badly, that's your issue, just be mindful that if you have a badly run group members will leave. There is no rule about setting up duplicate groups. If another member disagrees with how you run a group they are free to leave and set up one rivaling it. By that, we don't mean start a flame war between the two groups. Friendly rivalry? Yes.

- Rememeber that even if you hide your group, staff are still able to see it without having membership. Some rules are still enforced. For instance; bullying, extreme flaming and pornographic material. If we find a member posting this stuff, we will simply remove their ability to create or join groups.


Heya chaps, Aggy here.

You'll notice the 'Social Groups Recruiting' Forum has vanished and that instead, all of the existing threads have been moved to the various group type forums. This is because we wanted people to be able to more easily access recruitment threads associated with the type of group they want to be a part of. For example, it'll now be a lot easier to find a thread on graphics clans by simply going to that forum; there's no need to sift through all the other threads.

Or, in other words, recruitment threads for groups will now go in the forum relating to the type the group is. So, if you've got a graphics clan and you want to make a recruitment thread, create it in the graphics clan forum.

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